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13 June 2021
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Title: Living Library at Pécs, European Capital of Culture 2010 Festival of Literature 
Description: The Living Library was staged open air for three days on a central square of Pécs (Jokai square) during a festival.

Explanatory note: the Living Library methodology is an awareness raising activity addressed to a wider public. Based on the idea of a Danish youth initiative, the methodology has been developed as part of Council of Europe's youth activities in human rights education in 2002 and was successfully staged in numerous member states since.

The Living Library works exactly like a normal library: readers come and borrow a 'book' for a limited period of time. Yet, the books in the Living Library are human beings and enter with the 'reader' in a personal dialogue. The books in the Living Library are people representing groups frequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes and who are often victims of discrimination and social exlusion. In the Living Library books cannot only speak, but they are able to reply to the readers' questions. 
Status: Completed 
Date: 06/05/2010 - 08/05/2010 
Countries: All Council of Europe member states
(with external partner)
CoE Programmes (PoA and VC)  
Project: Living together in diverse societies: youth policy and youth work promoting intercultural dialogue  (2010)
Location: Pécs, Hungary
CoE Contact: , email
Partners: By the Power of Humanity Foundation - Local or National NGO
Office of Equal Opportunities Pecs - Local or Regional Institution
Budapest - CoE Information Office 
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