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13 June 2021
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Title: Developing international youth cooperation through intercultural language training - Russian 
Description: Intercultural competence and foreign language skills are seen as essential preconditions for youth mobility, for the development of international activities and for increased youth participation, one of the key priorities of the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sport’s activities. The intercultural language courses were initially set up in order to support youth workers and youth leaders develop the necessary skills and competences for working with young people from all over Europe. Part of a programme called “Quality development and support measures”, the intercultural language courses combine language learning with a non formal education methodology and intercultural learning, which are as needed as the language itself when meeting other cultures, traditions, countries.

The aim of the intercultural language training programme is to promote intercultural dialogue with a special focus on human rights and youth policy development at European level by bringing together young people from different backgrounds and countries.

The strategic objectives of the intercultural language learning which contribute to enhanced international youth work and cooperation, are to:
- promote intercultural dialogue, as well as international understanding and co-operation;
- provide young people and youth workers with the opportunity to discover the diversity of youth actions in different countries;
- encourage networking amongst European youth associations;
- contribute to the diversity of languages spoken in international youth work.

The learning objectives are to develop the knowledge and experience of participants:
- on human rights education
- on intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue
- on youth work

Those objectives are to be reached through the development of linguistic and communication competences, in particular those needed for youth work and international co-operation. 
Status: Completed 
Date: 23/06/2008 - 18/07/2008 
Countries: All Council of Europe member states
Contributors: Russian Federation - Financial
Russian Federation - Hosting
(with external partner)
CoE Programmes (PoA and VC)  
Project: Youth policy development  (2008)
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
CoE Contact: BERGDOLL, Michele email
Partners: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia - University or Institute
State Committee of the Russian Federation for Youth Affairs - National Institution 
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Last Modified: 12/08/2008 
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