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13 June 2021
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Activity Details (ID# 7826)

Title: Europe, Youth and Globalisation event - ''How Big Is Your World?'' 
Description: Large scale youth event on the theme of Europe, Youth and Globalisation with the following aims:
i. Provide young people and representatives of youth organisations with the opportunity to enter into a critical dialogue with each other, experts and policy makers on the experiences, perceptions and consequences of life as a young person in the context of globalisation in Europe and the World;
ii. Provide young people, youth organisations, governments, international organisations and other actors of the youth sector with the opportunity to create a common platform, political messages and effective actions towards the effects of globalisation on the lives of young people, stressing the promotion of good governance and the globalisation of human dignity.

The objectives are:
 Enable young people and representatives of youth organisations, from all over Europe and the world, and the Council of Europe to:

a. Develop a deeper understanding of globalising processes;
b. Develop ideas and actions that can help young people to take advantage of the opportunities presented by globalisation;
c. Develop their critical awareness of the functioning of the actors of global processes including international institutions and civil society and the role of such in developing the capacities of youth and their associations to function effectively in a globalised world;
d. Develop their understanding of the place of intercultural dialogue in the context of globalisation and of the ways in which youth non-governmental organisations and networks can promote it;
e. Network the capacities, practices and approaches of young people and youth organisations in the field of youth work related to global issues.

 Gather contributions from young people and youth organisations from Europe and all over the World and to critically debate the potential content of a specific policy of the Council of Europe on global processes and how it will develop actions and approaches to addressing them.

 Consult and discuss with young people on the role of the Council of Europe in the international institutional architecture in relation to global phenomena and the changing context of international relations.

 Improve the visibility of the youth sector of the Council of Europe and of youth organisations and to provide such actors with the opportunity to network and develop partnerships with other relevant actors of global processes, within the framework of an overall approach of mainstreaming youth issues. 
Status: Completed 
Date: 05/05/2004 - 09/05/2004 
Countries: Algeria, All Council of Europe member states, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Guatemala, Holy See, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo*, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Others, Republic of Korea, Serbia, South Africa, Surinam, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United States of America, Uruguay, Uzbekistan
(with external partner)
CoE Programmes (PoA and VC)  
Project: Youth building peace and intercultural dialogue  (2004)
Location: European Youth Centre - Strasbourg, France
CoE Contact: OHANA, Yael email
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Last Modified: 21/12/2004 
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