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13 June 2021
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Title: MA in European Youth Studies, 6th preparatory meeting of the MA consortium and the MA stakeholders' meeting 
Description: This project brings together first-rate teaching and research expertise from throughout Europe to create a unique Master’s degree in European Youth Studies, a specialist and interdisciplinary field that emerged in the 1990s in response to the rapidly changing European social its implications for the study of youth in the life-course and for young people’s lives.
The general aims of the study are the following:
• To work towards improving knowledge and understanding of young people’s social
situations and future prospects as a priority concern at national and European levels.
• To bring together the knowledge, expertise and experience of the European youth studies
scientific community in a coherent and useful way, with a view to expanding and raising
the quality of human resources available to the field.
• To help establish a basis for effective structured dialogue between research, policy and
practice (the ‘magic triangle’) by developing knowledge and understanding of all three
fields of action.
• To contribute to raising the supply of high-quality personnel holding recognised
qualifications for working in the youth field, especially in transnational and intercultural
contexts and across the magic triangle terrain.
• To offer a structured opportunity for those who already work in the youth field to further
develop and extend their professional knowledge and skills in a higher education setting,
thereby earning a higher degree.

The participants of this preparatory meeting were the representatives of the universities forming the core consortium preparing the MA. After a two-day working meeting in Gent they met with a broader group of stakeholders in the youth field in order to present the concept of the MA. This second part of the meeting took place in the premises of the European Commission in Brussels and was aimed at increasing the visibility of the MA and collecting recommendations of the invited stakeholders. 
Status: Completed 
Date: 25/04/2009 - 27/04/2009 
Countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Multilateral, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom
(with external partner)
Joint Programme EC/CoE -  
Project: Youth policy development  (2009)
Location: Gent and Brussels, Belgium
CoE Contact: MEDLINSKA, Marta email
Partners: University of Innsbruck - University or Institute
Other consortium Universities (9) - University or Institute 
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