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13 June 2021
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Activity Details (ID# 14198)

Title: 36th meeting of the CDEJ (European Steering Committee for Youth) 
Description: 1. Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda
2. Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair for 2006
3. Partial renewal of the CDEJ Bureau
4. Exchange of views with the Director of Youth and Sport on recent developments within the Council of Europe and the youth sector (Wednesday, 1st March at 09h30 within the framework of the Joint Council)
5. Progress review report of the 2005 intergovernmental programme
6. European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human rights and Participation
7. Methods of implementation of the 2006 intergovernmental programme and schedule of activities
8. Exchange of views on the aims and content of the 8th Conference of European Ministers responsible for Youth (Ukraine, 2008)
9. Youth information policy and future of the Partnership Agreement between the Council of Europe and ERYICA
10. Co-ordination of Child and Youth Policies (Draft strategy Paper)
11. Proposals of the draft intergovernmental programme of activities in 2007
12. Co-operation with the Russian Federation and field activities
13. Preparation of the 14th meeting of the Joint Council on Youth
14. Information on recent developments concerning youth policies in the member States
15. Any other business:
- nomination of 8 CDEJ members to the Programming Committee for 2006-2008
- update on the work of the youth sector in the field of youth research
16. Date and place of the next meeting

Status: Completed 
Date: 01/03/2006 - 03/03/2006 
Countries: Canada, European Commission, Holy See, Israel, Japan, Mexico, States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, United States of America
(with external partner)
CoE Programmes (PoA and VC)  
Location: Strasbourg, Council of Europe
CoE Contact: DODIN, André-Jacques email
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Last Modified: 09/03/2006 
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