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13 June 2021
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Activity Details (ID# 13905)

Title: Consultative meeting on Compasito - a child-friendly manual for Human Rights Education in out-of-school activities  
Description: Bring together experts and representatives from international and national institutions concerned with the scope of the manual and experienced in the development of human rights education materials.
To collect experiences on the usage and development of HRE materials with and for children;
to define the key contents, educational approached and themes of the manual
to make proposals regarding the child-friendliness of the manual and ways to secure its usability across Europe;
to identify resources for the development of the manual and its possible translation and transcription to the context of member states;
to review the current momentum of human rights education with children and young people in the Council of Europe;
to propose a realistic timetable for the development of COMPASITO and the role of the experts therein.
Status: Completed 
Date: 10/11/2005 - 11/11/2005 
Countries: ''the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'', Austria, Belgium, Council of Europe, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, United Kingdom
(with external partner)
CoE Programmes (PoA and VC)  
Project: Awareness raising on citizenship and human rights education  (2006)
Location: European Youth Centre - Budapest, Hungary
CoE Contact: GOMES, Rui email
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Last Modified: 13/12/2005 
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