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Operational since September 2000, the Directorate of Strategic Planning's (DSP) central function is to ensure proper co-ordination and synergies between the various forms of intergovernmental action (standard-setting, policy development, monitoring, assistance). DSP sees to it that intergovernmental action effectively contributes to implementing the political priorities of the Organisation, in particular to the Warsaw Action Plan adopted in May 2005.


DSP is comprised of two administrative units:

Since its creation DSP has developed tools for improved information about activities (with a data-base on CoE activities, called CEAD), and their coordination and evaluation of activities. It has also put into practice a coordinated policy for mobilising additional resources and partnerships for its cooperation programmes, in particular in the context of the Joint Declaration on Partnership and cooperation concluded with the European Commission in April 2001 (MS Word format English) which provides the political framework for EC/CoE Joint programmes.

Based on the 1994 Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on Monitoring, initiatives have recently been taken to make the Committee of Ministers’ monitoring procedure more action-oriented, in particular when determining and up-dating of cooperation programmes and intergovernmental activities. This led in particular to the setting up of post-accession strategies in favour of new (or recent) member states which closely associate monitoring procedures of the fulfilment of commitments accepted when joining the Organisation and adoption of specific co-operation programmes (often linked to the EC/CoE Joint programmes).  While the Directorate General for Democracy and Political Affairs (DGDPA) has the lead in preparing country strategy papers, DSP is responsible for translating these guidelines into concrete proposals for co-operation (action plans). Action plans for four priority countries were prepared in 2006 (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine), the next batch will be prepared in 2008.

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