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   16 April 2021 CEAD Basic Search

CEAD Basic Search on Youth Activities

(Advanced Search)

Type a word, several words, or an exact phrase for a complete search of CEAD.
Then click the "Search" button.
You may also specify a date or a range of dates in the spaces provided.
Or, if you know the Activity ID:

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- Exact Phrase
CEAD Basic Search will find activities which contain all words in the 'Text' entry, or activities containing the exact phrase if the box is ticked

- This field is used to limit the results of the search to a specific year (based on 'Begin Date' only).
- If you enter dates below in the 'Date(s)' field the selected 'Year' criterion will be ignored.
Date(s): / /         / / ex. 16/4/2021 - (day/month/year)
- If you enter one date CEAD Search will find any activities which begin or end on that day.
- If you enter two dates CEAD Search will find any activities which begin or end between the two dates.

- Tick this box to search for activities with no begin date.

Format: Normal format (fast)       Report format (slow)     
If you choose the 'Report format' a report will be generated showing all details of activities that meet the search criteria.

Please Note: A report takes much longer to be generated than a normal list of activities (about 0,3 seconds per activity).