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   11 May 2021 CEAD - Activities by Country

List of Countries for which there are Youth activities in CEAD

  • Click on a country to view a list of activities for that country.
  • The youth activities, which are open to all member states, appear under "All Council of Europe Member States" below. When participation in an activity is limited to specific member States or open for other countries, then the activity will appear under the countries or regions concerned.

CoE Member

   ''the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia''    Albania
   Armenia    Austria
   Azerbaijan    Belgium
   Bosnia and Herzegovina    Bulgaria
   Croatia    Cyprus
   Czech Republic    Denmark
   Estonia    Finland
   France    Georgia
   Germany    Greece
   Hungary    Iceland
   Ireland    Italy
   Latvia    Lithuania
   Luxembourg    Malta
   Monaco    Montenegro
   Netherlands    Norway
   Poland    Portugal
   Republic of Moldova    Romania
   Russian Federation    Serbia
   Slovak Republic    Slovenia
   Spain    Sweden
   Switzerland    Turkey
   Ukraine    United Kingdom

CM or PACE Observer

   Canada    Holy See
   Israel    Japan
   Mexico    United States of America


   Baltic states    Caucasian countries
   CIS countries    South-East Europe


   Council of Europe    European Commission
   European Union    United Nations


   Algeria    Argentina
   Australia    Belarus
   China    Egypt
   Guatemala    India
   Iraq    Jordan
   Kazakhstan    Kenya
   Kosovo*    Kyrgyzstan
   Lebanon    Malaysia
   Mauritania    Morocco
   New Zealand    Others
   Palestinian National Authority    Republic of Korea
   South Africa    Surinam
   Syria    Tajikistan
   Tunisia    Turkmenistan
   Uruguay    Uzbekistan


   All Council of Europe member states    Multilateral
   Partial Agreement Youth Card    States Parties to the European Cultural Convention